All About Revirginization

Vice (where Tracie Egan’s rape fantasy article that opens Best Sex Writing 2009 was published) has an interview with “New Age healer” Debra Moonstone about her “New Life Purification Chamber™” – here’s an excerpt:

Vice: What does the revirgninizing process entail?

Debra Moonstone: Revirginization has achieved some attention from the mainstream media recently, mostly regarding either the physical method (called hymenorrhaphy) or the Christian method of spiritual revirginization. My process is more akin to the latter, though I am aligned with New Age religion as opposed to Christianity. In general, New Age philosophy holds that our bodies are only a very small part of our being, and that our true form is largely spiritual. It follows that virginity is more spiritual than physical, and, like enlightenment, this spiritual virginity can be rediscovered once it has been “lost”…with proper knowledge of course. In this case that knowledge comes in the form of guided meditation supplemented by books and a DVD.

So what exactly do you do to people? Am I crazy or does this involve some kind of chamber?
I lead clients in a guided meditation that helps achieve a spiritual state of revirginity, the same way that meditation can eventually lead to various stages of “enlightenment.” I usually lead the revirginizing meditation live, in small groups or one-on-one sessions, but since I can’t make the event tonight we have constructed a chamber that allows guests to experience the guided meditation via an instructional video. It really is a gorgeous chamber, built in the shape of a rose quartz crystal (which has many healing powers).


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