Condom Techniques and Tips

Eric Amaranth at Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross covers “Advanced Condom Techniques and Tips:”

You hear in the press about condoms breaking. What is far more common is a condom getting stretched and made more loose during longer than average intercourse time. If I dont keep track, the condom can roll right off my penis on an out-stroke. Some of my memories in my past before I was prepared for the possibility was, “Wow, it suddenly feels much better. She would agree and I’d check to find the condom wadded up inside her. I’d then gently slide a finger inside her and barely grasp the rubber with my fingertip. Almost the same thing as a condom breaking, because there is skin on skin contact, and STI transmission can possibly occur. I eventually learned to notice how a condom feels when you put it on and are moving and when it’s stretched out and loose. If it gets too loose, I stop and put on a new condom. It feels better to her sometimes too.

Condom breaks are very rare for me, but when they happen, it’s consistently one particular way that thankfully I can feel setting up before it happens. The head of my penis gets pushed up into the tip of the condom (with some brands) and with repeated thrusting and pressure on the end of the condom, my erection will break through the end. The feeling of my penis pushed up against the condom end is subtle, but noticeable, and I change condoms whenever I feel that. However, I’ve never had that experience with the Vivid Large condom yet.

Another issue is during faster sex, or slower sex over time, the condom can gradually roll up so that it’s possible that when I ejaculate, and I keep moving inside her during my orgasm, which is the most pleasurable, the condom may roll off coincidentally. Bad timing made more likely by the added weight of the semen in the end of the condom. As my orgasm is approaching, ill check where the bottom of the condom is on my shaft to make sure it’s secure.


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