How to have great sex on New Year’s Eve

I’m not personally planning to have sex on New Year’s Eve, but I loved this post by Cory Silverberg at (see his Sexuality page for various sex-related top 10 lists too):

If you’re hoping to have sex and maybe even great sex on New Years, here’s my suggestion. The best way to insure you’ll have great sex one night of the year is to have great sex all year round. Sex isn’t like playing the lottery (or it shouldn’t be). It’s more like playing an instrument, the more you do it, the more you enjoy it, the better your experience of it will be. Of course what defines great sex is different for everyone, but here are a few elements I highly recommend you consider in making your own list:

  • Great sex is sex you really want, when you want it, who you want it with.
  • Great sex is sometimes (but not always) uncomfortable, revealing, and unexpected.
  • Great sex makes you feel good about yourself and your body.
  • Great sex offers moments where you can lose yourself completely. They might be seconds, minutes, or hours, but it’s a complete loss.

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