Tracy Clark-Flory on the cover of Best Sex Writing 2009

Best Sex Writing 2009 contributor Tracy Clark-Flory blogged about the book’s cover. For the record, I gave my dad a copy of last year’s edition, but not this one (yet). This year’s cover is by the fabulous, sexy, pervy photographer Christine Kessler, who has a really hot book out called Pervy Girls.

The other day, my Dad told me that he had plans to display the anthology “Best Sex Writing 2009” on his desk at work. My essay “In defense of casual sex” made it in and, being a liberal-minded Berkeley hippie, he’s proud of his daughter. I responded: “Oh, I don’t know. You haven’t seen the cover yet.” A pause. “There’s a lady. Naked. Fishnets. The insinuation of masturbation.” My Dad, bless him, responded: “Black tape!” As in, I’ll put black tape over the naughty bits.

Then he went on Amazon and saw the actual book cover. It would take a lot of black tape to make it work appropriate. He’s now contemplating an opaque book cover of some sort.


One Response to “Tracy Clark-Flory on the cover of Best Sex Writing 2009

  1. will69b Says:

    Looking forward to reading this!

    …Really top-shelf, hun.

    (I’m going to get into The City [or, is it The Village?] real


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