She can ejaculate!

I thought Cara Russell’s “Yeah, I Can Squirt” was a bit skimpy but interesting nonetheless. I can squirt, too…sometimes. It’s been a while. Female ejaculation seems like a topic people are endlessly fascinated by:

I read a book about female ejaculation by sexpert Deborah Sundahl, which had information and exercises. My friends didn’t know much about it, other than it sometimes happened to them. The response I got from those who’d never done it: “Ew.” The book was helpful, but it didn’t help me acheive what had become something of a personal quest.

One day, I was having a session with old faithful, my Hitachi Magic Wand. It has a special attachment to stimulate the G-spot; it’s blue plastic and looks something like Gonzo’s head. But I wasn’t using that; I’d tried it once, and it hadn’t done much for me. I was buzzing around with the wand on low (“high” delivers an abusive pummeling, in my opinion), when I felt something building, like an orgasm was about to hit, only different. I went with it and kept encouraging it with the Wand, until the liquid came squirting out—and I’m talking really squirting. There was some serious cleanup to be done on the bed afterward.


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