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I got curious, since I’m a member of several Meetup groups (chess, cupcakes, museums, etc.) about what sex-related groups are offered on Here’s a random sampling in random order of what I found (fyi, I’m not endorsing them, just passing on the info):

Denver Female Sexuality Meetup Group

Discuss issues involving female sexuality. How does society shape our sexuality? How can we be more sex- positive? How do we empower ourselves in our sexual decision making? How can we change shame based sexual decision making to reflect positive self love and feminine empowerment?

Sex(uality) in the City (NY and NJ)

Think- trips to the sex museum, workshops, opportunities to purchase things, ask questions, discuss roe v. wade, learn to pole dance. If it has to do with redeeming your sexuality- this is the place!

This is an upscale group- and we sell toys, take field trips, learn and do educational workshops for adults of all ages.

The audience is mature and we feel like we can have open conversations and explore sexuality and learn together without being embarrassed. We talk about the politics of sex, invite speakers and authors, throw bashes and make friends.

Sex Positive People (San Diego)

Sexuality is a very natural, beautiful, and powerful part of our lives. Yet, we rarely get a chance to talk about our sexuality in a safe and honest environment.
We define sex positive as a healthy non-negative attitude towards sex, and a celebration and acceptance of sexual diversity. This does not mean that we need to be and do everything sexually to be sex positive. It means that even when some sexual practices are not your preference, you accept other’s freedom to express them as long as they are safe, sane, and consensual.

This group is open to all sexual genders and orientations — straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual and questioning. It’s important, we feel, to question why another’s sexual choice may bother you; and that’s part of what we explore during the meetup events.

Do you want to learn more about human sexuality and dating/marriage relationships? Do you want to manage your difficulties? Do you want to meet other locals who are sex positive? Do you want to manifest the sexuality and intimacy you desire? If so, come and join us!

Seattle Sexplorations (A Social Club)

Seattle Sexplorations is a social club for singles and couples dedicated to sexually-oriented education and entertainment. We’re different from any other club. You come to our events to make friends with a common interest in sex (but not to hook-up for sex or to use our website as an online dating service).

Even the most conservative of our members can feel proud of their membership because simply having an interest in sex IS socially acceptable! Whether traditional or alternative, conservative or liberal, our members believe it is okay to enjoy adult-oriented events. We bring people together who have a healthy interest in sex to make new friends and learn from each other in a safe, comfortable and socially interactive environment. We take you to the vendors and organizations devoted to sexuality you might otherwise not visit on your own and let you peek behind the curtain.

Seattle Sexplorations charges $25 annual dues. Our events include social mixers, discussion panels, adult oriented clubs and businesses, burlesque, movies with a sexual theme, a sexy weekend in Vancouver, and more! – It may take a few days to process your request to join so please be patient, Thanks!

The “SEXUALITY SACRED” Social Club (North York, Ontario, Canada)

This is a fun and unique group for learning and uncovering the Sacredness of Sexuality; including related topics such as Dating, Erotica, Romance, Intimacy, Relationships, Authentic Communication & Divine Love.

For each Monthly Event, SEXUALITY SACRED will bring in Guest Speakers to discuss with participants selected topics mentioned above.


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