Sex in your college dorm

My alma mater’s paper, UC Berkeley’s student paper The Daily Californian, is back with the “Sex on Tuesday” sex column.

Here Carmel de Amicis gives us the scoop on sex in the dorms:

Stopped in mid-action-a frustrating, although typical, end to a dorm hook-up. Privacy in the dorms is certainly an issue, which makes the rules of the dorm hook-up exist on a plane separate from normal reality. Many of you will encounter the awkward “roommate sex,” when you awake in the dead of night to suspicious rustling in the bed next to you. Others of you will venture to questionable hook-up nooks such as bathrooms, lounges, or stairwells. No matter how you achieve your dorm hook-ups, I can assure you they will provide memories for years to come. How could you possibly forget when you snogged/shagged your neighbor/R.A./some random chick when you were on your roommate’s bed/the floor of the handicapped stall/the balcony of the lounge-despite the fact that your roommate was there/you’re a virgin/you just threw up?

All kidding aside, though, some of my best hook-ups in college occurred when I was in the dorms because the sexual tension was amped up by living on top of the guys I wanted. Dorm lust is like a slingshot: It will turn you on more and more until finally you go after who you want and drag them into the nearest shower stall. If you look out for your R.A., you should have no problem making an unforgettable memory. There’s a reason why they say college years are the best years of your life�.


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