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More on Mary Roach’s Bonk

February 7, 2009

I found a few more tidbits, including Mary Roach talking about Bonk on YouTube:

Barnes & Noble is showing this cover of the paperback version:

And Amazon is showing this one:

Here was the hardcover version:


Mary Roach interviewed by Violet Blue, poses with Eroscillator

February 7, 2009

I took this photo of Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex author Mary Roach last Friday at Good Vibrations Berkeley right after our reading from Best Sex Writing 2009.

Now contributor and San Francisco Chronicle sex columnist Violet Blue has interviewed Roach:

VB: Was “Bonk” your pick for the book’s title, or did you want “Boink?”

Bonk was my choice. Boink is a cartoony, silly word, whereas Bonk is almost onomonopeaic, or however you spell that word. Norton actually did some market research on this point. Most people have heard both terms, though more know Boink, it’s true. Those people will simply have to puzzle out what the book is about using the subtitle and the f–ing ladybugs.