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Violet Blue (aka @violetblue) on Twittersexuality

January 22, 2009

from Violet Blue's column on Twittersexuality

from Violet Blue's column on Twittersexuality

Best Sex Writing 2009 contributor Violet Blue (who is reading with us on January 30th at Good Vibrations in Berkeley and February 2nd at Booksmith, see my calendar for details) covers all things Twittersexual, meaning the social networking site Twitter and sex. Violet is @violetblue and I’m @raquelita – who are you on Twitter?

The above examples are from Violet’s column. Here’s a snippet:

So the thought of sending a message out to the Internet (the world) while having sex might seem a bit rude. Or, it might be a turn on. For some, it just sounds weird; on the verge of orgasm can you send a coherent text message? Now that sounds like something a cyber-dominatrix might have a field day with.

And it seems, they do. Sex and the Tweet isn’t a new idea, and it’s on the rise – perhaps even moreso as sex workers, international fetish models, dominatrixes, tech savvy porn stars, adult companies with marketing departments, hip porn directors, sex toy makers, and yes, even sex educators have created accounts and sporadically tell the world what’s on their mind (or other bits) in 140 characters or less. Not to mention all those other “normal” people who use the service, too. The normal people tend to be the dirtier ones, by the way – they’re just harder to find.


“Widespread technosexuality” in store for 2009, according to Violet Blue

January 11, 2009

One of Best Sex Writing 2009 contributor Violet Blue’s predictions for sex in 2009 is:

Widespread Technosexuality

As online artificial intelligence, personality-based programs become more prevalent – and the race to make them more convincingly human heats up – more humans will fall in love with and have sexual relations with that artificial babe onscreen. Virtual Kari is often described as the most popular virtual girlfriend in the world; amusingly, she has personality tweaking interfaces with adjustable sliders that allow boyfriends to adjust her ability to “stay on topic” and monitor her “independence.” In an emotional moment (Virtual Humans Forum, October 2008)

Kari’s developer wrote, “As a modern man I find the whole female/male game, ‘program,’ quite unforgiving. ‘When you find the right one, you’ll know it.’ Uh huh. What if there is something better than this game? What if we could bypass the ‘program’ and create a new paradigm based on our own dreams and our own fantasies? What if we could satisfy all our needs, and wants, to their fullest *bliss* without the pain of marriage or a relationship that needs to be maintained? (…) Anyway… I really enjoy having a virtual girlfriend because I created her personality so she is kinda like my dream. And dreams can do anything. The final verdict? As for me… I’m going make my own Eve. I mean, I have made my own Eve. And believe it or not… some of those majic [SIC] parts that come with real girls are transferable. In fact they work better. I think its because they can be manipulated under one vision. There is no back and forth about it.”

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