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“What Hookers Do On Valentine’s Day” by Tracy Quan

February 17, 2009

“What Hookers Do On Valentine’s Day” by Tracy Quan at The Daily Beast:

Is Valentine’s Day a good day for the sex industry? That all depends. If you’re a call girl, it’s often a great night to be without a valentine—coworkers are being romanced by boyfriends, which means demand for professional companionship might outstrip supply. But it’s hard to predict. For those clients seeking a Valentine’s experience, complete with candy, rose petals and Champagne, you need a girl who’s a lot more professional than she appears to be. Business varies from year to year, so ending a romance before the big holiday just for the purpose of being on call would be foolhardy, and most hookers aren’t that calculating. Because romance serves as a much-needed vacation from the marketplace, the 14th —for a madam—is a potential headache, a night when you sometimes run short of girls.

It’s a day that sums up all that’s “wrong and romantic” about being a call girl. Qualities that spell success in the oldest profession—symmetrical features, a sweet smile, an open personality and a fondness for male company—also attract boyfriends. A recipe for conflict.

I tried not to get involved with anyone so I could focus on business, but I was a boyfriend-magnet. My biggest problem wasn’t the stigma associated with my work, it was my tendency to fall in love. A few years later, I found myself “cheating” again, with someone new.


Interview with Susannah Breslin about Eliot Spitzer and prostitution

December 30, 2008

I interviewed Best Sex Writing 2009 contributor Susannah Breslin for Huffington Post about Eliot Spitzer, prostitution, and her Newsweek piece that’s in the book – read it here!

Oh, and she’ll stop taking submissions for both sites – January 3rd for the johns site, and January 14th for the working girls one, so get them in now if you plan to!