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“What Hookers Do On Valentine’s Day” by Tracy Quan

February 17, 2009

“What Hookers Do On Valentine’s Day” by Tracy Quan at The Daily Beast:

Is Valentine’s Day a good day for the sex industry? That all depends. If you’re a call girl, it’s often a great night to be without a valentine—coworkers are being romanced by boyfriends, which means demand for professional companionship might outstrip supply. But it’s hard to predict. For those clients seeking a Valentine’s experience, complete with candy, rose petals and Champagne, you need a girl who’s a lot more professional than she appears to be. Business varies from year to year, so ending a romance before the big holiday just for the purpose of being on call would be foolhardy, and most hookers aren’t that calculating. Because romance serves as a much-needed vacation from the marketplace, the 14th —for a madam—is a potential headache, a night when you sometimes run short of girls.

It’s a day that sums up all that’s “wrong and romantic” about being a call girl. Qualities that spell success in the oldest profession—symmetrical features, a sweet smile, an open personality and a fondness for male company—also attract boyfriends. A recipe for conflict.

I tried not to get involved with anyone so I could focus on business, but I was a boyfriend-magnet. My biggest problem wasn’t the stigma associated with my work, it was my tendency to fall in love. A few years later, I found myself “cheating” again, with someone new.


Interview with Susannah Breslin about Eliot Spitzer and prostitution

December 30, 2008

I interviewed Best Sex Writing 2009 contributor Susannah Breslin for Huffington Post about Eliot Spitzer, prostitution, and her Newsweek piece that’s in the book – read it here!

Oh, and she’ll stop taking submissions for both sites – January 3rd for the johns site, and January 14th for the working girls one, so get them in now if you plan to!

I so wanted to include this piece in Best Sex Writing 2009

December 16, 2008

…but couldn’t get the rights to it. I still think it’s brilliant.

Cover of The Hook

It’s called “Virginia is for… puritans: The fight over sex, nudity, and the First Amendment” and is by Lindsay Barnes, and it ties together porn busts, teenage PDAs, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Sex Workers Art Show and more, keeping it all local and focused and asking bigger questions about why these sex crackdowns are happening in Virginia:

Meanwhile, prosecutor Robertson said that multiple trials were not only necessary, but more practical.

“My thoughts are that I would be totally disgusted and sickened, and upset with somebody if I were a juror having to watch all this,” he said. “This way, it’s only four hours, and they’ll definitely get an idea of it.”

Robertson admits he has watched all 24 hours of porn the police purchased, and has not been shy about offering explicit description. In December he told the Hook, “I’m going after things like double penetrating women, slamming them in both orifices, multiple strangers ejaculating on the faces of women.” In January he said, “In just about every one of these things, you’ll see one guy inserting his penis into a woman’s vagina, and another guy inserting his penis into her anus, and then that guy puts it in her mouth, again, and again, and again.”

Asked why he speaks of the case in such graphic detail, Robertson said, “Why not? You need to know what you’re dealing with. Nobody’s attempting to gross anybody out. The jury is going to be required to look at it, and people need to know what this is.”

As for what will happen to the other 18 obscenity counts if Krial and Tinsley are acquitted in the first trial, Robertson said, “I’m not going to give up after one.”

Robertson is not the only prosecutor trying After Hours. Matthew Buzzelli is a member of the federal Obscenity Prosecution Task Force whose services are on loan to Robertson from the Justice Department. While the federal government has no jurisdiction, the Justice Department volunteered Buzzelli, he says, because of Staunton’s relative proximity to Washington.